As Yet  (County Music Journal, 2014)

“I am the one who loves you
without jealousy, anger, or trouble
sees you
holds you to the highest standard
accepts and honors
true-love loves you”

(was available as a free download from Country Music journal. If you’d like it, email me at Lucydiamondb at yahoo and I’ll send you a PDF)

As I Walked Into the Middle of the Night Squinting (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2013)

BUY IT ($12)

“A suite of poems by Lucy Biederman thoughtfully illustrated by Susan Solomon As I Walked Into the Middle of the Night Squinting is a “Map” book. An oversized page folded into a compact form that fits in a simple folder, just like a road map, this illustrated chapbook allows the reader to chose a route through the poem suite or follow the prescribed route. Susan’s paintings act as poetic landmarks along the way.” –Red Bird Press website

The Hardest Part Is Done (Grey Book Press, 2013)

BUY IT ($5)

“Lucy Biederman’s poetry suggests the blues sung in the key of punk. Her verbal economy creates a specificity and mystery at the same time. Expressing our 21st century’s extreme alienation and abandonment, she begins her chapbook, The Hardest Part is Done, with “Past the endurable, you’re out there alone, empty tank.” … She writes and thinks with a poet’s dedication and seriousness. She has studied and absorbed her varied influences, C.D. Wright, Pam Houston, Philip Larkin, to name a few, in order to work them into her own ingenuity.”– Big Bend FL Poet Laureate Mary Jane Ryals

The Other World (Dancing Girl Press, 2012)

BUY IT ($7)

“an enchantress’s war song”–RJ Ingram, Coldfront


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